Podcast episode artwork, accompanying graphics, backgrounds and more for Woj Kwasi’s wonderful WojCast, where he talks with the best of the best with respect to entrepreneurial ventures, digital sages of sorts, all to seek the power of digital empathy.

Working with Woj has been excellent. Charming, good humoured, with a genuine want for a greater future, the man is true to himself and his values. Much respect.

As a personal project, this was open briefed creatively, with the direction developing into a nod towards 80s airbrushed neon grids against starry expanses, bold linework in the ‘W’ element, aiming to make a note of imagery seen in intial days of excitement of the digital age.

The audio work is fantastic, the interviews are each more insightful than the next, with the story developing as the ’cast progresses.

My thanks of course to Woj for having belief in me to help provide visuals for the project.