K. Shirley, a.k.a. ktshrly/@ketmax95, makes introspective, personal and sensitive art. Particularly across digital media, as well as broadly through other formats and spaces.

Out of Realisations offcuts, prepared for Revelations (forthcoming), I arranged audio to underline each video in this series, Remake.

In a way, the digital organ samples in Sign2 are not so much real, and yet their use still feels haunting and fitting.

Audio for Fabriqation is sourced from humming harmonies sung through a vocoder, the closing of said album. Through timestretching, elongating reverberation and other processing, the vocals are further distanced from the listener. It can be heard as a remnant of a human voice, though the spatial placement and filtering makes it less familiar.

As these signs and material move in space, one can find it meditative, a point of reflection under 60 seconds, and curious detail to trace the eye with. I find myself coming back to these video works often.

K. and I have worked together collaboratively, advised and motivated each other, now nearing a decade. I am yet to encounter another artist with such an insight, aesthetic sense, and thoughtfulness.

Something wonderful from K.’s sans.sensations Substack blog:

“For my honors project, I’m working with photogrammetry apps to create 3D scans of locations and buildings to visually depict the discord I feel between my own self of place and the lingering desire to capture memories of locations.”
— K. Shirley
Shirley, K 2022, ‘what is sans sensation? - introduction post’, sans.sensation,

Better put than I could word.