All services, and then some. What I offer through my creative skills.

Graphic design

The whole package.

We remember design that is thoughtful. When you think through a design properly, you come to conclusions, routes, possibilities and newly intersected ideas. Connecting points together in a way that was previously unheard of.

Founding through this, exciting juxtapositions and textures come about. Interplaying these provides visuals that dare to communicate differently. Subtler, emotional, that bit more meaningful.

  • Logos
  • Business cards
  • Stationary
  • Labels
  • Letterheads
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle graphics

Design thinking

Known to some as some sort of brand strategy, though let’s think that over. It’s not always strategy, its thinking upon thinking, planning and drawing up actionable gameplans.

Predicting the next moves, while keeping sensible and in reality. I’m not about talking through ‘strategy’ that circles around nothing for my profit.

I’d rather see my clients win, and get closer to their goal.

  • Guidance, course drafting
  • Setting forth plans for key points, intended outcomes, along with relevant design accompaniments
  • A listening ear. Open to hearing out a plan of action — certainly worthwhile

Art/creative direction

I guide, and shepherd where is best. Proven experience as a leader of small to medium groups in creative environments.

  • Overall overseeing, project leading. Collaborative process, taking all with vision along
  • Theme alignment, making efforts to steer creative work towards intended intentions
  • Never shy to delegate

Typography, typesetting and lettering

I care to kern with care. Those greater in ability put across kind feedback of my typesetting ability. I’m proud of this. It’s everything.

Legibility directly guides reading.

  • Analogue/traditional methodology
  • Digital bezier coaxing.
  • Vector graphic typefaces and one off logotypes


Thinking and mapping out overall. Vision across output, dispersal and seeing through imagery roll out. The bigger vision. Intuitive marketing knowledge. Less about buzzwords, more about common sense.

  • Multi-platform and -format cohesion. Everything coming together, wherever presented.
  • Personal, careful research into demographics. Audience insights, understood as people, not in a strict analytical sense

Web design and development

Regarding web development, I maintain clean, clear and compliant code with a sensitivity to screen readers and other equipment/devices. I’m conscious and thoughtful of accessibility needs.


  • Website design and development
  • Web app design
  • Banner advertisements
  • Email marketing design, EDMs, newsletters
  • Icon designs

Especially offered:

  • Mobile, tablet, desktop responsive considerations
  • Relevant ARIA labels
  • CMS setup and integration


Content and article writing, as well as taglines of utility, purpose. That which has a hold in one’s memory.

  • Articles, descriptions, blog posts

Photography and video work

I capture what is most pertinent through analogue and digital means.

I wish to tell clear narratives artfully. In video work I focus on details especially. Coherent storytelling. I have a range of analogue camera equipment.

A much trusted, inherited Pentax K1000, and Ricoh Shotmaster Ultra Zoom Super among others.

  • Editing, photo manipulation, retouching
  • Colour correction
  • Compositional guidance


Hand drawn, roughed out. An impression of what is most salient.

Narration and voiceover work

By the voice I’m given, I speak as I’ve known best. Clear, with a comfortable pace. Pronunciation and enunciation that treats words respectfully and true to how they’d like to be spoken, while dulling sharper sounds. A casual everyman’s rhythm and cadence.

Those most familiar with my talks, presentations, passionate riffing can attest to all this, and how I keep the listener close and interested.

I bring my best energy to voice work, am proud of the particular way I sound, and wish to use my certain timbre/character well.

Sound like services and skills you need? Contact me, let’s work together.