Streams of Encouragement/Value Streams

Streams of Encouragement/Value Streams brings together a set of commentaries surrounding self-defined values-based living. By talking through our values, we strengthen them, come to understand others, and our being.

This piece combines interview/conversation excerpts collected/recorded from various people anonymously.

The piece collects and collates these, bubbling up out of a murmuring stream, singular audio clips rising briefly, before falling into the stream. A bed of phone chatter, gentle melodies extracted from dial tones and pure wave shapes supports the voices — a reserved sea.

I took great care to maintain the original sonic character of each voice recording, while reducing harshness/sibilance and reduce noise where possible. The idea being to bring out greater clarity while keeping true to the original sound. Audio production as transparent as is possible.

Proud to have exhibited at Featherstone Sound Space. Many thanks to Jesse Budel and others.

Streams of Encouragement/Value Streams (excerpt) can be downloaded for free here.

Streams of Encouragement/Value Streams