MS Mighty Swim 2019

During the preparation for Multiple Sclerosis Society SA/NT’s 2019 Mighty Swim event I volunteered my abilities as a graphic and web designer with a great overall result. Notably, I designed the t-shirt’s graphic that would be worn during the event, and of course, treasured after. I know I certainly appreciate mine!

To create a new visual that politely nods to previous shirt designs, I built upon a radial grid of sorts with a flowing wave-like curve that turn into the arching swimmer’s arm over their red swimming capped head, underneath outreaching sun rays — could it be cheerier?

As is with some 80–90s graphics, I felt we could have the water recede into decreasing blocks. As well, I rendered “2019” by hand, sturdily with a marker.

Everyone was pleased, and I found the experience so damn rewarding. Good causes are worth lending your skills for.

“He has been great today. Very creative and hard working.

I honestly believe he won’t have any problems finding a job in the Graphic Design industry…”
— Christie Tyerman
Digital marketing coordinator
MS Society of SA/NT
30 November 2018

MS Mighty Swim 2019
MS Mighty Swim 2019
MS Mighty Swim 2019